On Waking from Deep and Dreamless Sleep

island in fogWaking an hour and a half before sunrise,
Heavy fog surrounds full glowing moon—
Amazing halo of wondrous, soft steady light.
Rising from deep and dreamless sleep
I saw gathered in the lake an island
Where no island was before.

How silently it came— no ear could hear uprising,
Quiet as quiet fog distills itself to dew—
Greater Silence hidden within the simple quiet
While mortals sleep and stars veil their sleepless eyes.
It is a wonderful gift that falls upon the Earth,
Where nothing stirs to break this holy space.

Perhaps all the world is calm tonight
Before approach of dawn’s redeeming grace.
Sweetly comes faint stir of breath, a murmured sigh
I’ve heard twice before— at infant’s birth and
Passing breath when someone’s time to go arrives.
Earth is brimming tonight with awe,
Sends end to world of sorrow as all I see,
All I hear and feel within an open heart
Bows in grateful blessing.

How lovely is such gracious time, this moment
Where nature is wet with song before the dawn.
Lady of the Lake now briefly rules blest hour,
All within the Land refrain from little knowing,
Kneel in silence and wait new morning.
Walking down to lake, I hear distant muffled
Thunder of fierce running of the deer.

Suddenly a light appears, vanguard of approach of Sun.
Wild nature wakes and ponders, as island slowly sinks
Within waters of the lake, awareness trembles
As Great Silence blesses presence,
Fades away within the fading fog
As light of Light descends to clear away the dark.


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