Come April, When Robin Returns Again

Come April, when the robin returns,
When days begin to lengthen once again,
Fallen leaves now mulch
Under heavy persistence of past winter’s snow,
My heart will warm in hearing song.

I will cherish approach of spring,
Will feel it as a seed of hope
Planted deep inside my brittle bones,
Watch with expectation every bud,
Know force of greening that I love,
Heart thrusting, beating, pulsing.

Daffodils will trumpet,
Sprouting out from afterthought of
Hidden root and bulb to blossom
Yellow in the yellow Sun.
Bees begin to buzz in seeking nectar,
Hungry as they calculate the route.

And I will be the Queen who waits,
Deposits seeds of life in hidden
Chambers of the hive, deep where
Light cannot reach, yet informs the heart—
Knows that summer swims its way and no one
Can delay or nullify the force of life.


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