So Vigilant They Fly Upon Ocean of Samsara

             Late November and by now
Monarch butterflies have dispersed,
Migrating their swerving way upon invisible currents,
Overzealous yellow and black wings beating toward destination,
Down to singular hidden valley in Mexico
Where finally in surrender they rest and breed,
Pass to offspring such mystifying ways,
Free themselves from cocoon, spread new wings,
Navigate in early spring departing flight,
Return to summer in the north
Without the slightest speculation.

I pause and marvel at such deep mystery,
Notice even in absence of fluttering beauty,
Hopeful arrival at journey’s end,
Breadth of mutating instincts, so vigilant
Floating upon eternal sea, the ocean of samsara
Seeking unremembered freedom as they fly
From birth to death to birth on fragile. tender wings,
Thousands of miles, never needing to know the ending.


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