The Weather Inside

As sun goes down behind western hills,
Slight peach flush fades to monumental gray,
Clouds slowly move behind the eastern trees.
I stop to listen to the speaking wind,
Notice when sad rain begins to fall as tears.

Lightening flashes bring an instant pause,
Illuminates that stormy weather is myself,
Enters through transparent windows,
Wind blowing through chambers of the soul,
Swirling leaves from broken limbs of trees
Fall inside upon a broken heart.

Winter snow bestows a calm,
Drifts onto white bones within the home
Where reflected hours are spent
Thinking of friends now gone—
Harrow of the River Styx
Reawakens, amplifies the human pain.

More sadness felt,
More vast the valley appears—
Empty spaces receive the river’s flood
Where nothing rushes, nothing sleeps,
Nothing to distract or block the heart from opening.

I clear the road of fallen limbs,
Pause to make a proper cup of tea—
Kneel to honor life as deepest ritual….
Whole, silent, letting go in peace.

Ah, to fly upon the night,
Search out the message of the distant stars,
Read Eternal Time that flashes through the eye,
Sleep and dream till tomorrow has its say.

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