Deficit of Love

Heaven’s weight of holiness
Always forces numbers off the page…
Demands attention to deficit of love.
What is deemed possible and rational
Now tossed out upon the sand.
Maybe Pythagoras was wrong.

What ratio is used to arrive
With half-compassion for the poor?
The cost to heart is far too much—
Rather to be Whole,
To square the interval and calculate
More time than exists from birth to death.
God will not be mute nor frozen stiff
If even one is left behind.

Be kind.
Do not remain with fear it will not work.
Despite late hour, be larger than your fear…
Re-work the math—
Use new equations,
Unsettle equilibrium in the house,
In every house where walls confine,
Expand the range of what is possible.
Open windows.  Let in the stirring breeze.


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