Much Remains Deep

As much as the world may know,
Still, the world does not know much about me.
Even to those who wish to understand,
I am reserved, much that remains deep,
Unknown even as I search heart and soul
Within quiet of the night.

Each day is a fresh start
As I discover new sides of myself,
Something being born,
Old aspects that reveal new facets worn
Smooth and comfortable as used shoes.
I understand so much and yet I know so little,
Mystery as abundant as love.
Only in dreams is everything revealed.

Visit and we’ll have a cup of tea,
Sit and quietly look into each other’s eyes…
Hold open a space for whatever words may come,
Wait for appearance to emerge or dissolve,
Watch the breath, the very air alive with energy—
Much of what comes into view
Will be gone in sixty seconds,
Exposed as it freely melts into the past.


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