Bridge Between Our Hearts

For far too long, we’ve been standing
On opposites sides of the river,
The bridge that stretched between our hearts
Now washed away by flood of pain and anger.
Once, we walked together,
Gazed at Full Moon and were transformed
By Source of its light.
I look back and am puzzled
That we see ourselves as separate,
Knowing as we both do that Godself
Formed the bridge, still standing,
Stretching across expanse of distance—
Strong beams that continually are renewed into Being.
You do not need to follow me…..
Just hold out your hand,
Let us allow the emotional armor to fall,
Gaze into each other’s eyes, listen,
Walk in peace with each step that we take.
I can only say that I am ready.  Will you join me?


2 thoughts on “Bridge Between Our Hearts

  1. This is a powerful and compelling statement. The first two stanzas capture the feel and the process not just of some rejection in relationship, but full acceptance of the otherness of us all, and the reality of tender, tenuous links that exist whether on not we recognize them. So the last four or five lines come as jarring, and feel a little coercive, even though they are intended as invitations to intimacy. But the intimacy takes a particular form that the other has not expressed and may not share or desire, while possibly still being open to intimacy. Perhaps it could be something like, “You do not need to follow me. . . . .Just know I am across the way. . ..”

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