Sting of Betrayal Still Burns

Last night, it rained before I fell asleep.
Wind screamed against the windowpane.
Dog paced around the room,
Lay down, soon was snoring up a storm.

In my dreams, learned that I had drowned,
Washed up upon some distant shore.
Watched red sun sink into the lonely sea—
To see such light fail nearly broke my heart.

There have been far too many betrayals,
Each time someone spills the wine,
Red stain ruins yet another white shirt,
Pain seeps through thin skin again and again.

Willingly, I drown, too tired to swim—
Finally having learned the cost of love….
Comprehend only now futility of grief,
Too many drown; too much death.

Even now, I cannot tell if I am the worse
To learn how many times I’ve drowned.
Enlightened, I carry pain more lightly,
But sting of betrayal burns more painfully than grief.


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