Living in Two Worlds

 My life is divided,
One foot in each world.
My sensory self is seeing, hearing,
Walking through smelly outer world
While I am also aware of
Supersensory world, inside interior,
Pervading whole field of vision,
Alive in a world of pervasive light.
Interior energy burns,
Fills imagination with splendor,
Stuns with beauty, ravishes with wonder.
Though I have never claimed to
Speak with God, there is consciousness of
Living Radiance, within and without myself.
Each day, a growing power,
Looming perception of this Lustrous Light,
Luminosity present in dreams and waking hours,
Aware of color now where yesterday I was blind.
This Light seems as alive—
More alive than any sense of self,
More instant than flowing breath itself,
Pure energy and intelligence,
Life in purest form, pregnant with creative force,
Pulsates in Infinite Ocean of Awareness,
Seeps into my own small, quiet pool
While I float within external world through five senses.
Is the Universe alive?  Is there Purpose?
I cannot fathom reasons why or why not,
Though Presence looms left, right, behind, above,
Surrounds every object and event, unblinking,
Silent, serene, still and unmovable.


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