How Dare We Think the Unseen World is Small?

Aztecs believed dead souls
Remained 200 years—
Felt in quiet thoughts and imagination,
Came back again and again
Disguised as gods and demons….
Walked upon the quiet streets at night,
Appeared in dreams to teach.
How dare we think the unseen world is small—
We think we know that death
Rules beyond the pale complete,
Takes each one of us so soon behind,
Complaining or playing harp in highest heaven.
Hebrews believed the sins of fathers
Lasted for seven generations.
Go do the math—
If generation now lasts for thirty years,
Who cares to quibble whether 200 or 210?
You who think you greet each day alone—
Lonely walk the outer world in blindness,
Live upon a single star and cannot sense
Divinity of greater world in countless galaxies.
How dare we think we know
What happens after death?


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