When I Fall Upon Untrimmed Grass

There are those days I fall,
Ground down not by wisdom,
Not by light shining forth from ocean waves,
Not by the breeze whispering through trees
Pointing fingers always upward….
Higher than white clouds ever know.
Still there are burdens of the dreadful,
Tedious acclamations of the common
Unthinking creatures filled with ignorance and hate.
Their daily presentations seem so dreary—
Kill me at times with sadness or fright.
Is this what I was born, to listen, to see
Such darkness in the world?
I fall upon my knees, my back
Upon untrimmed, lush grass,
Each blade of green a growing prayer,
Extravagant in thousands, these needles,
Hold me in delight, upon such soft world….
Instruct me to turn and turn over
Every day, what I hear or say, more or less,
Searching within the haystack of this extraordinary world
For what is lost, for what is found in joy
Lying here upon the grass, upon my back.


One thought on “When I Fall Upon Untrimmed Grass

  1. You bring back so many memories of laying on the lawn in the summer, just limaging shapes in clouds, dozing or just letting everything go. You’ve inspired me to go out this afternoon and do just that… Smiles to you Fred.

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