Before the Great Beginning

In the beginning of the Great Beginning,
Nothing stirred….  Nothing Whatsoever…
All was at rest in mysterious Oneness,
Formless, yet gathered within a ring
Unknown even by itself.

There is an ancient term for this—
Ein Sof,  the unnamable one.
Nothing existed outside,
Everything joined and included,
Divine essence and nothing else.

Suddenly in the obscurity before Time—
A spark flashed, a stirring thought
Within concealed darkness of the concealed,
Something clustered, gathered,
Movement flowed though did not
Break through its aura.
What was new was that it was aware,
Began to know itself.

Like a revolving wheel, it grew—
Ascending, descending within itself,
Self-sustaining energy,
Contracting, extending, encompassing
As Ein Sof learned to know itself,
Through knowing experienced wonder,
Through wonder knew wisdom,
Through wisdom knew simplicity,
And through simplicity began to give focus of attention—
Desire was slowly born.

Ein Sof began to contemplate
What needed to be accomplished,
Created Time tucked away within corner of Eternity,
Conceived something new—
An ordaining of Creation of the World.
Desire broke through the darkness—
Enlightened Will was born,
Then Light appeared….  Pure Light—
A seed of holiness as Beginning began to grow,
Emanated outward to weave a universe
And God awoke.


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