The Essence of Our Sea of Being

 Here in iridescence
You glimpse my essence—
Lingering Sea of Being
Weaving a pearl of translucent pattern.
I stand on the shore of continents,
Gaze keenly into sea of stars,
Galaxies gathered unto themselves,
Filaments of light sparkling
As a crown adorned with jewels.
Here, in the tiniest fragments of shells,
You see reflection of yourself,
Hidden glory in the small, small
Corners of cosmic space…
Closer and closer it comes
Spread out before you on the beach.
You have an ancient name,
Never lost in moments of delusion…
Though we may forget,
Leaving us in exile in our shame.
My Love, I know your grief—
I see the tears upon your pillow.
You who were once named Soul or Spirit—
We are forever joined in essence of our Being.
We were never separate… never alone.
As blended colors form a glorious shell,
Here and everywhere we are One and Whole.


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