He Stands as Silently as Stone

The Guardian has stood, silently as stone, for centuries…
Watching, never sleeping, through winter storm,
Moonless tides— watching and waiting
For that which has not yet come.
One day, perhaps he will fall,
Die alone, dissolve unseen,
His absence noticed when the mourning sun
Cries out in vain, announces in alarm he has finally gone.

For now, his solitary duty is performed alone.


3 thoughts on “He Stands as Silently as Stone

  1. This is one time I’d like to know – which came first, the picture or the poem?
    They’re so PERFECTLY suited to each other that I have to wonder.

      • Well this is a shock! I will have to make a screen print of this answer and save it. I never expect an answer from you Fred. ‘Course your answer tells me as much about your poem and picture as it does you, but as you write, some things are more powerful…

        Big hug to you for all the joy – and sadness – your poetry has made me feel.

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