For Those Who Daily Labor

 Never forget that others once shed blood,
Broke their backs and worked the fields
That you might sit where you are today.
Don’t pretend to shut your eyes, but learn—
Be aware of cruelty that comes in many forms.
Though all the realm is holy, the ugly truth is
Life is cheap and blood lies spilled upon the streets.
Rising still from primal oceans,
Dark swamps within rich hearts and clever minds—
Salamanders scurry along the morning floor,
Avarice and power their dream for afternoon….
These we must oppose with every breath.
Do not be daunted or dismayed.
Meditate upon the stars as they shine,
Cross the night sky, swim eternally in light.
One day the trees you plant today
Will rise as ancient oaks, shade another’s child
With the labor that you now give.
By intention and inclination, they will listen,
As you do now, to wind that speaks
Through evening pines— tenderly its voice
Sounds the lyrics of both now and past,
The long journey worth the daily task.


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