Blue Moon

Dedicated to Neil Armstrong, first Man on the Moon,
whose funeral was held on the same day as a full Blue Moon

Blue moon gleams tonight,
Wandering alone through empty skies
While dreamer of the dream lies fallen,
Honored by endless stream of movers and shakers.
He whose footprint is still imprinted
Upon the dust of Blue Moon’s surface…
Forever his name will shine among the stars.

Forward and backward we watch,
Mouths open, tongue flagging like yonder flag
Stretched out, still waiting for the wind.
Means and maps that took him there
Now misplaced in astronomy’s mystery,
Lost in Earth’s man-made patterns so ingrained
That language of the journey blurs in memory—
Fingertips beating the rhythm of blues, the dance
Rolled up in jazz of time, to last with loyalty
Without any wind to bring the news of death.

Blue Moon senses the loss…
Cries dry tears in mourning,
Becomes a votive image, white as a pearl in
Late summer sky— so rare to view
This gathering of stars that sing,
Mourn the loss of humble man.
Even though the tides rise slowly
Around our feet upon the sand,
Forever as we gaze upon Blue Moon’s light
His name will rise upon the lips of history,
Come towards Earth as
Solitary star falls from outer reach of universe.


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