Something Burns; Something Yearns

The transcendent soul within me
Struggles for release, feels bound
By ego’s fleshly passions,
Grasping with closed fist.
Only in surrender with open hands
Will I find, not victory, but release.
I do not know why painful death
Must precede new birth.
But it is so.  Damn it, it is so.

My spirit yearns to fly,
Wants to leave behind the grief.
Here, in the middle of life,
In midst of all that is,
I am surrounded on all sides
By shackles of pain and death,
Stretched out, crucified,
Nails hammered into hands and feet.

I hang upon him who hangs
Upon cross of destiny,
Bears the world—his fearful fate
Renews itself through ages of creation,
Darkness and light gathered into one life,
Burns within the soul
As solitary star burns eternally,
Unmoving beauty changing constantly.
To be delivered, to be joined within
Greater diversity of lasting Oneness
Pure creation dies and brings new life.


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