God is on the Move

Elijah on the mountain only saw God’s back.
So fast does God move
You can only see the footprint where God’s been.
Faster than light is the speed at which God moves,
So fast that by the time you start to take a peek,
God’s no longer in the space you look,
Already returned to Here.

Perhaps the only way to approach
Such blazing dynamic Being
Is to slow down and center in the silent dark,
Surrender the search so that you grasp
Only when hand is open.

Flow into the space of every moment.
Let your mind be free.
Accept with grace whatever you are doing,
That is the only Center you can be.

Be patient, as lovers are patient,
Knowing that the Moon takes time
To reach its fullness.
Can you sit within the night and sense
Approach of day?
As you feel the pierce of thorn
Can you smell the fragrance of the rose?


2 thoughts on “God is on the Move

  1. So phenomenal! What a grand write of your thoughts and reflections of God. And I can agree with you, and appreciate the way you think. You wrote this with great skill, and I applaud you….

  2. WOW! Extraordinary, Fred! You express that amazing experience with such startling clarity…(I could not have put words of any sort on the experience ) You speak for me, and maybe the rest of us who are tongue tied…what a holy moment to describe though! That God is faster than our mind can keep up with, and all we can do is patiently wait, READY, to receive God and to experience that flash of pure Light. THANK YOU FRED for this one!

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