You Will Never Be Alone

 In years to come,
When the first green shoots of snowdrops
Poke their fragile leaves through crusty snow,
Teardrops of white blooms droop their heads
As though in sorrow in the lingering cold….
Will you think of me?

When beauty of the mountains is reflected
Upon tranquil waters, clearly mirrors clouds,
Blue sky as blue as eyes, patience waiting
As do I now, watching from the other side….
When hot dessert winds whip the sand,
Sting your face and make your eyes
Cry as streams of tears fall in summer sun….
Will you then think of me?

When you walk among the stalwart trees,
Lush green forests and open meadows,
Wildflowers painting every valley,
When you imagine walking upon
Streets of heaven in deepest peace,
Will you feel me there with you?

When you watch the sunlight fade,
Glory of the day transform to glittering stars….
When in darkness the silence grows beside you,
Will you sense my presence, too?
Will you feel my loving arms reach out to touch,
As solid stone arch across a gulf,
Creates a sturdy bridge, will you be open,
Feel my strength of soul extend across abyss?

When storm clouds gather, when thunder claps,
When lightening strikes too close,
Do not tremble, for I will be there beside you,
Though you think yourself alone,
Nothing else matters, all is foretold,
Just as God is One, nothing shall separate
True love from true love.


One thought on “You Will Never Be Alone

  1. “Just as God is One, nothing shall separate
    True love from true love.”

    I hope you are right.
    I so hope you are right.

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