Across Deep Leap of Space

Dedicated to All who Grieve

In dream last night,
Between breaths while sleeping,
Prayers were rising from the bed,
Sent from heart to greater hearts
Across deep leap of space.
Each prayer was sent in different direction,
Upon a wide sea as sturdy boat,
Some heavy laden with words of blessing,
Others buoyant as light and floating wordless,
Slipping away through empty darkness,
Destinations predetermined among the nations,
Pleading their way through night.
How many breaths does one take within one night?
How many prayers can be dreamed within a dream?
How many angels are grieving at the gate,
Receiving the dead who no longer suffer,
Hands folded, heads tilted back, hearts finally open?
The grieving keep bringing their dead,
Praying for mercy as pietas, arms outstretched,
Tightly holding what we cannot give away,
Hearts burning on those sleepless nights
When we cannot dream, but only wait and pray.


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