Present Given of the Day

 What were you given today?
Early in the morning,
I was given full moon outside my window,
Slowly falling over the hills to sleep.
Then other gifts…. The rising sun,
Splendid in spectrum of its colors….
The green earth under feet, the white swans in the lake.
I received bread and hot spicy tea
As though prepared just for me….

This morning I was given empty arms
So I could hold the world as blessing,
Words swirling as clouds in my head,
Feet with which to walk the dog,
Fresh air to breathe and water from
Deepest well to slake my thirst.

Later on, after hot shower,
I was granted time for other tasks,
Found an old song on my lips,
Melodies and memories clear,
Communion tasted in my heart
To set circumference of the day—
All within one morning hour….


One thought on “Present Given of the Day

  1. I was given a show of lightning in the predawn hours, followed by a cooling, and much needed rain, then a poem that made me apprreciate even more the fact that I am still alive this morning.

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