Meeting the Soul While Meandering Through the Woods

Today, I met my soul while walking,
Not out upon some straight, paved road,
But while slowly meandering through the woods.
Sunlight broke through canopy of leaves,
Exposed a miraculous green world
My eyes had never glimpsed before.
This morning my eyes were opened.
I cannot fully answer why…..
By good fortune or grace of God,
I found my soul sitting upon old mossy stones,
Sunlight shimmering as an iridescent rainbow shimmers,
Shedding many colors in cool morning’s gentle wind.
My soul was in no hurry.
She did not wear a watch nor care for time of day.
I knew she was no stranger;
I’d seen her pass along on other days.
Today I stopped and gazed upon her face—
There was unspoken intimacy I had not felt before.
Now my soul unfolded like a fragrant flower.
She entranced with one mere trace of breeze’s kiss upon my cheek,
Wildness present in glistening atmosphere….
Extraordinary streams of light released…. Yet never strange,
For something deep felt right— a benediction’s bliss,
Unspoken yet scattered upon the speechless forest floor.


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