As I Contemplate Eternity

Please don’t bother me this morning.
I will not answer phone or neighbor’s knock upon the door.
For now, I am not home but in a space that has no bounds….
I am not on Earth just yet, have not planted feet upon the floor,
Lying here in bed, floating as I contemplate eternity.
Even the dog, wet kisses on my cheek, will have to wait for food.
I cannot leave my bed for I am dizzy, going faster,
Faster than gravity of Earth can hold, see the planets far below,
Spinning, spinning in their hurried orbits.
Faster still, I rise past limits of the galaxy…..
I am no longer here.  No longer contained by Earth today.
I am freely flying somewhere in wide Universe.
Give me another twenty minutes, more or less,
In contemplation of this larger realm….
It will not take longer, as I’ll have to get up to pee.

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