Treasure the Moment and Know You’re Alive

Let me pause.  Stop me if you must.
Let me slowly breathe and take in
The glory of the world that presents itself
Right now, in front of my face.
Toward the end of his life, Aldous Huxley
Was reduced to one word, wherever he went.
“Extraordinary.  Extraordinary.  Extraordinary….”
He seem to have finally seen to the core of the world,
Saw its passing mysterious beauty.
What better word than “extraordinary…”?
Then at the end of his days,
“Extraordinary” was insufficient.
He was reduced to silence.
What about you?
What words come to mind when you stand
On the banks of the river,
Watching the slow flow of Time visibly passing along?
Have you ever stood under ancient Sequoia,
Two thousand years old, survivor of drought and fire,
Wind blowing from mountains to sea?
Stop and sense a presence,
Both strange and yet known,
The essence of Silence yet moving along,
Invisible vision conveying unwavering light….
Doesn’t it occur to you that you haven’t a clue?
Just surrender a moment and take in the beauty,
Allow it to soak deeply as breath in your lungs.
Close your eyes if you must and soften surprise
But treasure the moment and know you’re alive.


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