Save Me from the Surface

 I stretch out arm above my head,
Know I cannot grow where fingers cannot reach.
I cannot travel into spaces where I fail to seek,
Will never venture if I stop to think.
If I cling to shallows, I will never see great depth.
Only if I allow myself to dream, can I fully be.
There are few prayers of greater breadth
Than to ask to be saved from the surface.
Let me know height or depth, right or wrong,
But let me venture with courage strong.
Let me not be bound by other’s rules,
Nor settle in comfort for the status quo.
Whether rebel, misfit, or mildly crazy,
I want to see halos where others
Merely see light at top of lamp poles.
Where others may see sharp edges,
Let me know that river, fire, air and mountain
Belong as part of the larger whole.
The world’s an empty canvas waiting
For each of us to have imagination to begin,
To paint pure inspiration with steady hand on brush,
Change the world by changing inner self.


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