Play for Me Your Secret Song

 It’s said that those who dance
Are considered mad
By those who do not hear the music.
But if you hear the music,
Then you hear a story that
Reaches deeper than mind,
Roots itself alongside love within the heart.

If I go to bed beside your beating rhythm,
Sleep while feeling touch of your invisible hands…
I find the colors of your eyes reflected in the sky,
Am comforted by unseen presence of the Moon,
The energy of slumber’s dreamy harmony
Moves my tired feet to dance upon the street.

If only you could listen, you would know my love,
See my tears fall when your absence
Tears at the soul until I fall
In love with you all over again.
I hear the music written on your heart,
Get lost listening to your song throughout the night,
Closed eyes opened at dreaming of the sight.
Play it again for me, will you?
Will you think me mad as I lay within your arms?
Play for me your secret song again.


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