Once Seen, Will Never Again Be Unseen

Can you sense the vibrancy of Sun
Peeking through the tree, unblinking,
Looking straight at you, only leaves
Offering shade between the two.
Pause, arrest yourself and take it in,
This magical moment that is a gift
Visible only to those who stand
In time and space where you now stand.
If you miss it, it will never come again,
But if seen, then never again be unseen.
Drink it in… in seven minutes it will change—
No longer the same, light behind the tree
Moving lower toward horizon,
While you stand here dying along with day,
Moments flowing through your fingers,
Silhouette of world appearing in the golden ring.
Somewhere, the piercing through is taking place,
Perhaps without the tree, perhaps without you.
But the strange dimension of pure mystery flows,
Always pushing permanence toward its edge,
Averted eyes missing what is there—
Which if ever finally seen will never again be unseen.


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