The Bell That Hangs by the Shore of the Lake

 Down at shore of the lake I hung a bell.
In strong winds and stormy weather
It speaks to sons and daughters of Time,
Sends mellow Voice across the rumbling weather,
Swallows daily sunsets in the west,
Drinks rain and rainbow in their course,
Hails the geese and swans as they sail by,
Bathes each soul in colors rich and deep,
Signals every care that flies to land and sleep.
In this wide cathedral house of God,
It lifts its singular note upon the wind,
Sweeps both land and water as it slowly tolls
A sacred sound that summons All —
Upon whatever home-bound voyage
Each pilgrim seeks to catch a gust of wind,
Put safely out to sea, come day or night,
Till anchored in a safer hand.


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