What Makes Time Stop For You?

What makes you stop spinning—
Realize for just a moment or two
That you are completely still and still alive?
Is it when you smell the flowers at sunrise?
Is it while watching a glorious sunset?
Skiing down a steep mountainside
Knowing your life hangs in the balance?
Perhaps it’s simply a kiss on the lips….
Do you go all the way to bliss?
Have moments of clarity or luminosity?
How about hours or minutes when
You are just alive with who you are—
Right-now, nothing special, no big deal,
Ordinary awareness of your uniqueness?
I say start where you are.
How can you love the world
Without loving yourself?
Forget the expectations you’ll go very far.
Sometimes it’s just best to sit,
Take a few deep breaths and find yourself
Eternally in prayer….
You really don’t have to prove you’re good
Crawling on your knees in the dirt for twenty miles.
The world can stop and start anew every time you blink,
Just as your heart stops when you sneeze.
Open the window and feel the breeze,
Take deep breath and smell the scent
Blowing into your space, around the world,
Into the unity of the Universe.


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