Absolved and Cleansed in the Rolling Mist

 Even in the twilight of these darkening years,
As all Earth trembles in the murky waters….
Earth continues to float free, spinning,
Revolving in its heavy weight, huge,
Clumsy, as though it is conscious
Of the dark burden of fate we now carry.
Still, she slices through weightless space,
Maintaining her deep calm, though
Uncertainty lingers within the silver fog—
Slicing and cutting like a plow through white-capped seas,
Heading we know not where toward eternity.
Perhaps it matters little whether we live our days
In morning light or twilight,
Whether we stand in direct sun or swallow the night
In passing dreams and lonely sighs.
What matters is whether we have a heart,
Whether we are aware of the mystery living about…
Surrounding all of nature’s slow march toward
Inevitable mercy— tears and unbearable yoke of fear
Cast aside in the glittering morning light of tomorrow’s day.
Whenever such need arises, overturn every stone on the path
To ensure the heart’s affections are not left behind—
Be bound to the poor, to the sick and dying shall the free heart
Be reconciled at last, casting aside whatever may anchor,
Allowing the rocking of the Infinite to gently
Absolve and cleanse in the rolling mist,
Endlessly drift in the river, drift downstream in the river.


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