Just Beyond the Reach

Would you like to go camping with me?
Let’s find a place off the beaten path,
Away from heat of the crowd,
Up in the mountains with a view of a lake.
We’ll pitch our tents and build a fire,
Talk deep into the night
About anything at all….
Not too many, just you and me,
Perhaps two or three others.
We won’t tell anyone where we’re going,
Just beyond the reach of cell phones,
Someplace where we know we’re alone.
We’ll pack our food and hike the woods,
Climb the path until at last
We know in the heart we’ve found the spot.
We’ll harmonize our souls with the world,
Awaken the senses in the cool night air,
On top of the world, way out there….
Where even the sound of waterfalls are still.


2 thoughts on “Just Beyond the Reach

  1. This poem is absolutely enthralling to me! It is so perfectly in tune with what i know of the most perfect and spiritually refreshing experience. It also sounds exactly like the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart when I am in a situation like that. You have captured it…ALL!
    Im sending it my son in Seattle, who when he has time, hikes with friends into the mountains.and goes camping for spiritual refreshment. i think he too will really enjoy and associate with this poem.

  2. Camping yes. But the picture with this poem scares me.
    Hiking the Cascades once, we came upon a deep gorge,
    although not as deep as the one in the picture. There was a
    rock jutting up with a gap of several feet between it and the
    edge of the cliff. There was a momentary desire to jump, but
    looking down brought the realization that a miss would mean
    death. It was beautiful in power, but frightening.

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