Filaments of Lingering Love


For Laura

Today was the day you were born—
Naturally you’re on my mind and in my heart,
Though I refrain from calling
Lest my voice be dark cloud
Upon horizon of your day.

I sit under what was once your favorite tree,
Observe a multitude of forms sustaining life,
Blades of grass, crawling ants, soaring birds,
Passing clouds sailing over the lake.

Aware of intensity flowing, floating,
Small cracks in the soil open slowly
Along with memory, beneficially,
Along with imagined image of your face.

I know that all stone jars
Eventually break in surrender….
Release such flood of sorrow
Now held dark and cold as old wine.

I give you a flower, an orange,
A scent from gentle breeze
Moving from my open window
As offered prayer of grace.

Ashes stir from fire once burned years ago,
Shadows still move along the walls,
Light passes through branches of the tree
Revealing blue sky, flecks of gold the color of your eyes.

The buds of lilies are not yet open,
Not today— too firm the knots within….
Suspended in such universe
We stand apart upon the Earth.

Filaments of lingering love flutter in the wind….
Some intact and strong, some now broken,
Wavering, clinging, falling to the ground,
Touching the stillness of my heart.


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