Brother, Stand Close to Me

My brother, come root yourself close to me.
Let us spread our arms together
Until our branches interlock….
Thirst as one under sandy soil,
Watch the early dawn standing side by side,
Bind our souls together as we grow….
Let’s whisper songs as swinging branches touch,
Encircling roots calmly soak moisture to our crowns,
Together as living brothers finger blue of under sky
As night bleeds into day and day to night…
Below round Moon we’ll go to sleep,
Never alone— stretching upward until we are visible
Across miles of meadows, extending full,
Noticed by the eagle seeing in us his place of rest.
The world will not hate you, for I will testify on your behalf.
Together we will face whatever fire or evil comes,
Endure blowing winds and daily storms,
Make whatever impact upon the Earth
That when we fall, whenever God may call,
Those remaining will open eyes to see
Which way shadows fade-away begins,
Remember for years to come when
Heaven’s tallest work was known,
When brothers touched their roots in lasting love.


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