Galaxy Reflected in Your Eyes

  Early this morning, before the sun
Took away the beauty of the dew,
I found a spider’s web hanging on a bush,
Thousand dewdrops strung like pearls within its strands.
Upon close examination, I saw
Each drop of dew reflecting all the other drops….
Closer still, in each reflection was a tiny diamond,
Yet more reflections of all the other drops,
Inside that yet smaller universe of drops.
Each drop of dew held a universe,
Shining moist and pure,
Filled alive with pouring light,
Each universe separate yet contained
All other universes in the silken web.
Each star, every source of light….
All summaries of weightless threads,
Gleaming gently in day or night,
As in the soul of everyone, reflecting
All others, luminous and glowing,
Entire galaxy visible within your eyes.


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