How Dare We Bless the Eagle’s Wing

 The roots that fasten trees to
Deeper parts of Earth are as nothing
To the deep of roiling seas—
Currents coldly flowing
Hidden in darkness of trenches Deep,
Where no human eye can see—
Where nothing solid stands but
Pressured form to form far down
Beyond the keep of faithful guards.

Above the peaks and hills
Move and melt as Earth shakes off
Shouldered weight of wind and storm,
Slowly shapes herself anew from age to age.
Heat of molten lava flows, sears new scars,
Forms islands soon for spray to wash away.
Glacial cold carves new valleys in hard veins;
Continents collide while stealing slow,
Casts up new mountains quietly,
Whose height of spires proclaim
Change itself the only constant rule.

Hidden in such splendid mists of time,
Like clouds these shapes and shadows
Come and go across the world.
Beasts that walk upon the land
Know not how long they breathe or stand,
Where ravages of age and slowly
Moving time erodes, shakes off each shape,
Replaces yet again with silence of the Dark,
Where stars themselves are born,
Shine forth but for an interval in time
Before they fade farewell.

How dare we try to bless the Eagle’s wing,
Or think we know the path of porpoise
Frolicking far off from sounding waves
Breaking against the fleeting shore?
How like the questions of the crying child,
Wise men who think they know full breadth
Of all that passes and shall pass in years to come….
What fools to think they heal the wounds of pride
Wrestling in sweeping fathoms of the boundless Deep,
Yet cannot stand against the years nor save
Their souls from ravages of warring power.

Only wisdom that rises out of darker space
Reaches beyond contradictions of the reasoned mind….
The world is far stranger than we think,
More exotic than the mind can imagine….
Eternal pillars of wordless truth,
Unfold sweeter than whatever lies
Formed within bewildered minds.
Within strong hold of mystic deeps,
Bare beginnings of naked solitude…..
Hidden places we forget to seek,
A thousand puzzled pieces unify as One,
Unspoken words whose voice is heard in stillness,
While we who walk in blindness waste our heat,
Dancing past our youth, exhaust ourselves and fade away,
Our years unchanged by Light or Love.


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