Pillars of the Earth

The pillars of the Earth are ancient,
Raised by princes and kings,
Carved in hard stone so they would
Last forever in the rain,
Mark the road with lasting honor.
Though kingdoms fall, they stand,
Erect and tall, solid with fixed foundation.
Time has not yet overthrown them all.
Though battles rage and monstrous demons
Hold vengeance as a mighty sword,
These mortal treasures remain.
Even when my eyes close in death
And I take my final breath,
Leave all weariness within my bones….
These pillars will be left behind to stand,
Holding forth through sweltering summer,
Under ever-faithful Sun and Moon.
These columns tell a story long remembered,
That though the show has ended long ago,
Refined hands of time still cause our minds to ponder,
Mark the facing empty streets connecting in our hearts
Dreams and wonder that seem to last forever.


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