Grandeur Found Above, Below

Tonight, I stretched out under standing pines,
Saw the evening Moon’s holy shine…
The spot seemed sacred ‘tween me and God,
Dark green branches forming arches
High above my head, a touch of rose
Still visible on horizon framed on western hills—
Grandeur above and below.
Lying there, I first observed my thoughts wildly roam,
Allowed monkey mind to run before bringing home,
Found a pleasant space within the heart,
Befriended self and world within small wood.
If I cannot be heart’s best friend,
Then who apart might come to bend
Such pride that stiffly rises in conceit?
Would God send an ark to sail upon
Such inner sea as floods through mind?
Do I wait upon some burning bush
To warm the frozen heart
When I refuse to weep for my old bones or weary crowds,
Poverty of rich men walking proud streets?
I linger long beneath dark pines
Before heading home under evening sky.


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