Trembling As I Wonder

Tonight’s full face of golden Moon
Haunts the field with many circles,
Movement edging along the shadows,
Filling four corners of the night.
The world is more subtle than most ever realize.
Just as Monet sensed the change of light
Every eight minutes in fading hours of afternoon,
So does the unfolding transition
Breathe its way across our edges,
Finds the purity of pure despair
Adjacent to pure desire,
Both located in blazing unnatural light.
Some gods have already fled.
Others are waiting for their birth.
The essential task is yours to answer—
Is the ordinary merely ordinary?
Or is the ordinary more extraordinary
Than we can ever know?
Do you prefer to avoid the fearsome edge?
Or do you sense Otto’s
“Mysterium tremendum et fascinosum”
(Fearful and fascinating mystery)
At the core of all reality?
When you sense the mystery,
Does the amazement say
More about Reality or about yourself?
I wonder….
Knowledge cracks and strains to hold,
Uneasy with the stumbling gait,
The world fully belonging only to itself….
Pray tell me what you mean
When you say that God is Love?
Have you stopped to seriously consider
What you mean when you
Praise the Lord God as One?
As for me, I tremble as I wonder.


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