Nobility of Soul is Found Upon the Edge

 The Book of Hebrews says, “The word of God
Is sharper than any two-edged sword…”
Life itself is living on such edges, is it not?
Mind itself sharpens in long tearless nights,
Buzzes in summer among the garden flowers,
Knows the day’s on fire… Here—
Within dark and light crevices of nobility of soul.
Have you not met your fear recessed within the cave?
Or do you strive to dull the edges of the knife?
Do you pull covers over head to hide, not knowing
It is natural to burn with inner unnatural light?
Place your feet upon the rocky path and climb!
Row with all your might against the common undertow!
The edge is all you have!  The edge is where
Deep within the deepening shade, the eye begins to see.
Of course your desires are dark and there are serpents
Crawling, hidden among the rocks.  Name them!
Know the difference between the cry of
Heron standing one-legged on the water’s edge and
Wren that’s perched high within the branches.
It sings that you might waken from your sleep,
Find the echo once again within the dreaming woods.
Edge of risk is never obvious.  Do not seek to clarify the task,
But daily walk within this no-place, within the slippery mist,
Shadows growing, sun fading, the wideness of night
Approaching just for you, edges of your knowledge
Just the place adventure comes, departs, arrives again.
After years of travel, you will know the inner thing—
Warmed by its splendor, far away from cold artifice
Found upon the neighbor’s smile.  You will know
More deeply into self the painful sense of discord,
Loneliness and love, the very edge of oblivion
That I now see as fleeting shadow in your eyes.


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