How Much Longer Must I Wait?

For Althea

Listening to the rustling of leaves
Coming from an early summer rain,
Moist air drifting in through open windows,
I find myself wondering where you are tonight.
Is it raining there as well?
Will we be together in our dreams as we sleep apart?
Is your skin also cool to the touch
Yet warm against the sheets….?
The room is quiet now, only the whispering rain
Gently tapping as it falls on the roof above my head.
There is no lightening thunder,
No moon behind distant clouds,
Only a contended solitude as I contemplate
The nape of your neck,
Curving thighs partly covered by red sheets….
Quietly count rising and falling of
Your breath, fresh with hint of mint.
I wish you were here beside me….
Cuddling, holding, kissing.
How much longer will I have to wait?
What will tomorrow bring?
Will I still be walking on the beach alone?


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