Hunger Games

What stores of food do you have in larder
For sustenance in spring,
When time for planting seed is nigh,
Months to come before harvest ripens?
What veins underground do you tap?
What prayers do you pray
When you are hungry on sad days?
Does God give more or less than you assume?
Do you have more to spare within your lair?
Or has the demon of absence come to stay…
New-born monster without a name,
No matter the country, always the same.
Have you hunted with success for meat,
Blood-sacrifice in spite of the pain in the heart,
Never ever coming back again?
I have learned more by losing in the daily game.
Whatever treasure you have stored,
There are hidden secrets buried in cellar,
Soon to be cherished in better season…
Love the smell that nourishes the hungry pain.
This is not just a splinter in your eye.
Blindly, we speak of murder, for this is war.
Is there nothing you have to say?
Or will you allow the monster to devour
What you and I can hardly spare?


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