Eve Roots Herself Into the Earth

 Ah, Eve, you grow on me.
I love the way you stand tall and silent,
Spread your arms across the fields,
Offer protection to creatures climbing
Across your naked body,
Nesting in your hair.

We think you never change,
Forget that season after season,
You leave your leaves upon the ground,
Endure the winter cold, body scared,
Bark torn as fragile skin,
Find healing in approving Sun,
Each year increase your height,
Become larger and glorious in our minds.

We pray for wisdom to leave you alone,
Offer reverence as you develop naturally,
Sink deeper roots into the soul,
Elevate greater hope within our hearts,
Never weigh you down for Adam’s
Apple, signifying shame seeping into body,
Ruining sex with blame.

Second Adam came to save
But had no Second Eve from rib to please.
Yet wandered alone on Mother Earth,
Wilderness revived his deepest prayers.
You were there to watch him nailed to holy tree.
Now we pray you’ll save us from ourselves.
Multiply upon green Earth that we might
Be reminded you came first, not literally,
But still you hold a place within our deepest myths.
Great Eternal Mother, live forever in our hearts.


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