For Those Whose Mothers Are Not Here

 Today I offer prayers
For those who bear the overbearing weight,
Dead mothers now like fish
Swimming deep in oceans of emotion.
The Voice no longer says
“Come here.  Sit upon my lap.”
Absence burns like fear.  I know.
My mother is no longer here.
But let this creature fly,
Hover invisible past senses,
Five in number,
Like arms of starfish on a beach,
Thrown flat against the sand,
No longer prefigured in sea of love.
Is this dead one of more importance
Than all the rest?  Yes, perhaps….
Can you bear the pain of loss
Or as Time draws on,
Will your heart wear numb,
Lack compassion for the grief it bears?
Let not the aching sum draw life from starfish
Dying in heat of sun upon the beach.
For her sake alone, divine in all but name….
Pick her up and thrown her back into sea of love.
Let the pain be pain of Revelation.
Claim it as it suits you.
Though it may be true she did not love you as you wished….
Still, was it not worth an hour or more?
Dear presence now found lacking,
Knowing she was but a woman, so very human….
Now more for having lost,
Still, her presence causes pain
Though she does not speak your name—
She watches, blesses stronger than before,
Her love swims more pure, and love alone
Lends you immortal grace.

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