Many Strange Rivers Yet to Cross

There are high notes you’ve never reached before,
Distant clouds beyond horizon of your eyes,
Imagined cathedrals that builders have yet to build….
Only in your dreams can you sense
 Strange visions and silent rivers running in your veins.
There is a world entire outside and inside,
 Visible if you slow down enough to see,
Sense the flowing presence hiding in plain sight.
Cool, cleansing water brushes against stones
Resting on bottom of the river….
Ah, the calm that comes when you rest,
Sink into this fascinating, clarifying water,
Vast dimension in its length,
Uncrossed by any bridge as it
Slowly flows toward the oceans of the world.
I cannot say on your behalf
You will find it easy to build a raft,
 Navigate as it turns,
Comes to waterfalls, shallows, rapids,
Gorges that are gorgeous when they flood,
Whirlpools, turbulent and strong.
You’ll hear amazing voices in the night,
Mirrors that do more than simply reflect light,
Open onto worlds you’ve never known,
Wild faces staring on other side of door.
Perhaps you’ll try to trace the history of this
Untamed geography on this inner course,
East to west across your weathered state of mind.
Though you may recall images from the past,
It cannot be precisely mapped,
Thrusting out of sight, sandbars unseen,
Future hiding out of sight around the bend
As you wander astray in times that do not belong to you.
If you wish, investigate the task before you leave,
Variations are as infinite as your imagination.
Here, when you climb rough mountains,
Find yourself lost in thought, turn your gaze
Upon a maze of worlds you’ve never seen before.
Leave philosophy behind, swim naked in the stream,
Free of inherited embellishment of what has gone before.
Only in these strange rivers will you conceive your destiny….


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