I Do Not Want to Close My Eyes

Why is it that even in darkness
I see a veiled and mellow light?
While in late hours of night I struggle,
Do not want to close my eyes…
Hunger for being and doing.
I watch emerging dawn
Bring urgency to the start of another day.
I am filled with love for you…
Not motivated by obligation or fear,
But real passion flowing out of abundant heart.
And I seek authentic love that is
Not only kind, beautiful and joyous,
But also hurting and difficult and honest…
Extending not only to friends and family,
But outward flows to enemies, strangers….
Anyone who comes across my path.
I have lived for years close enough to death,
Know too well that life is short….
Too short to drink bad wine,
Too short to spend my days in bitterness,
Too short to whine about all I do not have.
I have grown to love loving.
No wonder I don’t want to close my eyes.


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