On the Far Side of Imagination

 Inside the silence of my quiet moments
I dance to music I’ve never heard,
Watch the sunrise on a world of wonder,
Sit in a chair or lay in my bed
Caught on the far side of imagination,
Seeing the gray of the day turn to
Spray of colors more vibrant than any rainbow.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the slight smile on my face,
Twinkle in eye or tear rolling down my cheek.
I refuse to live surrounded by loud noise.
I refuse to be rushed any longer.
I refuse to waste another hour of my life
Thinking that I’ve lost the key.
I want to live bravely every day,
Worthy of the prayers I pray,
Investing hope into every dream I dream
Until the light at the end of every tunnel
Overflows white from every seam….

If you want this room, it’s not for rent.
It is yours for free, with only one condition.
There is no tomorrow— only music of today.


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