Is the Whirlwind the Beginning or the End?

More than once, I have fallen into chaos,
Lost my footing and was swept into whirlwind,
Couldn’t find the shore or primordial source,
Melted into what is only now beginning, emerging,
Not yet known or fully formed.
Always I wonder, is this new beginning or the end?

The whole world shifts in consciousness,
What is taken is determined by what is given,
Reflected light reaching below porous surface,
Down, down in cracks to undetermined wholeness,
Grace alone my only hope,
Though I am part of the matter….
The most solid of foundations is ephemeral as
Father’s blessing given on the day of his death,
Which was the same as the day of my birth.

The connection has always been
Thick as a dream, accomplished only with
Waking imagination.  Only then did I realize
The world is an altered state… a story
Full of possibilities not yet recognized in print,
Only a few have ever tried to paint it—
Chagall, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet….
Does what I say seem strange?  Does it make you laugh?
If so, you are beginning to see the amazing truth….
As Einstein said, “maybe reality is merely an illusion.”
Ah, the paradox that the balm is also the bane.


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