The Demon’s Eye

 This afternoon, just past two,
The sun turned into demon’s eye,
Hanging like a Cyclops in the sky,
Unblinking, staring at me…
Strings of clouds pulled tight
Around horizon dead and white
As powder on a mummy’s face,
Dust of death and without grace
I heard slow bell in church’s spire
Toll out the hour as though in hell.
Was I flat and out of tune,
Shuddering in the noonday heat?
Or had the world removed its mask,
Revealed hidden true reality,
Lay bare some nightmare in the day?
Too filled with fear… too soon to say.
I plead for darkness of the night
When sun will set and all be right.
My hope that moon will mock this day,
Restore fine world I love, I pray….
Now lost beneath this unveiled eye,
Prying upon my soul so deep
I beg for night to quickly creep
Black mask with stars as vast as sleep.


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