Spellbound in Another World

 Sometimes I travel to a parallel world,
Sojourn in dancing light,
Spellbound in reflected windowpane,
Watching soaring hawk break free,
Ocean waves crashing upon hard rocks,
Wind whispering inside of rain—
Almost anything might do.
There is no reliable key to portal.
Swept into different sphere,
Find myself lost— or found,
Drifting for an instant or an hour,
Humility devoid of apprehension.
Here, animals give words to dreams.
Stars are close as clouds reflecting Sun.
Tonight, I may be caught again,
But always I return…  at least thus far.
Always I am charged and changed,
A little, but enough to want to write a poem.
True, I sometimes stutter, cannot find the words,
Hobbled like wild beast beside the path.
Do you know where you’ve been
When you’ve been caught up again,
Sitting, shimmering outside front door?


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