How Often Do You Make Room for Love?

How often each day do you think of love?
Do you walk along its fragrant path,
Breathe into lungs its atmosphere,
Taste of its sweetness till it becomes your thoughts,
Reach down within to warmest feelings,
Where there are no words but only grace?
Would you say that you love “Love”
As ultimate truth?  Do you make space
Within heart and soul and sit in the seat,
Return and retreat to this lovely valley,
Befriend its power, allow for its fate?
Each day do you make a moment or two
So Love is a friend that you never rue?
Do you visit that beauty in inner soul,
Throw open its door as a daily goal?
Love, to me, is a mighty connection,
Deepest source and world complete,
My strongest drink and my daily bread’s leaven,
My companion link between earth and heaven.
This is yours, an inherited blessing….
A loving heart and a humble mind,
Filled with spirit if you are kind….
Extravagant music of creation’s fire.


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